Safe Sparklers

Celebrate the 4th With Some Safe Fun

By Debby Perry, Mac Kid Robinson - City of Pittsburgh July 3, 2012
Sparklers,while pretty, are extremely dangerous and not meant for children. Mac Kid wants you to have a safe Fourth of July complete with some SAFE SPARKLERS! This craft is easy to do with the kiddos and just as pretty!
What you'll need:
  • 12” wooden dowel
  • White acrylic craft paint ( optional)
  • Gold glitter glue or paint ( optional)
  • pipe cleaners ( 2)
  • star garland, varying colors, silver gold, anything works!
  • Scissors
  • foam stickers ( optional)
How to make it:
  1. Cut wire garland into several six inch pieces. Gather all the pieces of garland together like a bouquet. If you can't find star garland at your local craft or dollar store use silver or gold foiled wrapping paper and cut it into strips!
  2. Wind the bottoms of the garland together or tape the foiled strips together at the bottom.
  3. Attach your garland bouquet to the top of the dowel rod by winding tightly, a pipe cleaner around the dowel rod and the bouquet of garland. The pipe cleaner should now secure the garland to the dowel. Repeat with second pipe cleaner.
  4. You can also tape the pipe cleaners on with ease!
  5. Position and adjust the garland pieces so that it looks like a sparkler!
Optional Accessorizing:
Paint your dowel rod white and then add some glitter or sparkle!
Add 2 foam stickers (larger stars) that are the same size and sandwich the garland at the top of the dowel rod with two stars.
Add in some strips of gold or silver foil paper!
Curl your garland into coils for an added effect!