Spring Craft: Flower Photo Bouquet

Perfect for Mother's Day, Too!

By Devany, May 8, 2013
Editor's Note: I'm excited to welcome back Devany from Still Playing School with another terrific idea to entertain your Mini Macaronis. In case you have missed her previously, she is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom who loves to do home school preschool activities with her kiddos. Learn more about her in the About Us section of her blog.

This super easy spring craft can brighten any day. It is fast in case you need a last minute Mother's Day present. You might even have all the supplies you need at home already. We did! 

Popsicle sticks
Cupcake liners
Pictures of kids
Green paint or markers
Craft foam for leaves (optional)

1.  Paint the popsicle sticks green. You could also use markers. I let E choose and she wanted to paint.

2.  Find pictures of your kids that will fit inside the bottom of the cupcake liner nicely. You can use photos (school pictures might work well), but I sized down my favorite shots of the kids to print on regular paper. Using a Word document, make sure you are viewing the file at 100%. When you hold the cupcake liner up to your computer screen, you'll be able to tell if you should make the kids' faces larger or smaller to fit well. Cut the pictures into circles of only the children's faces.

3.  If you are using brightly printed cupcake liners which are plain on the inside (like we did) you will have to carefully flip them inside out. Glue the pictures inside the cupcake liners. We used a tiny bit of Elmer's glue because I didn't want the ink from the photos to run, but a glue stick would work well, too.

4.  Glue the "flower" to the top of the "stem" and glue on a foam leaf if you'd like.

These look so cute in a vase. I love having a whole bouquet of my kiddos!