52 Weeks of Random Acts of Kindness Printables

Spreading Kindness & Joy One Small Act at a Time

By Carmen Kaethler, Macaroni Kid East Winnipeg February 14, 2021

While it's wonderful to have special days to remind us to spread kindness to those around us, we don't have to wait for these days to bring joy to others. In fact, we can do it any day AND do it with our children! So I challenge you and your family to try to fit at least ONE random act of kindness into every week for the next year. That's 52 weeks! To help you, I have created a printable of 52 Weeks of Random Acts of Kindness ideas, in case you need inspiration. There is no rule of what order to do them in and if you don't love one of the ideas, skip it! Make one up or do one of the other ideas over again.

Additionally, some of the ideas involve leaving something for someone, so I've also created a printable of "You've been RAK'ed" cards that you can tape to the item you are leaving behind.

Here's to a year of kindness! Don't forget to use #MKAOK if you share to social media so we can see all the great ideas you've come up with!

You've been RAK'ed Sheet of Cards to  Print


52 Weeks of Random Acts of Kindness to Print