We're Looking for a New Editor/Publisher of Lebanon Macaroni Kid

June 16, 2021

After starting Lebanon Macaroni Kid from nothing 10 years ago, I'm preparing to say goodbye this fall and hopefully turn this over to another publisher who will do an incredible job of sharing all the family fun happening around Lebanon County!

If you have wanted to find a flexible, work-from-home opportunity that allows you to entertain your kids, enrich your community and get fun perks, now is your chance!  

Macaroni Kid is a network of 500+ hardworking, self-driven publishers across the United States and Canada who create a weekly newsletter and website featuring family events and activities in their communities and have free training, technical support, and opportunities to work with other publishers. Sounds fun, right!? It is!

Along with publishing local newsletters and websites, our network of Macaroni Kid publishers keeps all of the local advertising revenue they earn, plus they regularly score publisher perks like free tickets to events, discounted travel, and more! You can even barter with local businesses for everything from event tickets to free dance classes!

Learn more about becoming a Macaroni Kid Publisher today by visiting You can also email me at to learn more about publishing Macaroni Kid, specifically here in Lebanon County.