Top Ten Reasons to Camp This Fall

Macaroni Fun

By Melinda Lodge Willis - Publisher, Macaroni Kid Salem NJ September 29, 2021

Are you thinking that camping is only for the summertime? I’m here to tell you that fall is a great time to take to the road and spend a weekend at the campground of your choice.  From beautiful foliage to great rates, you can make fall your time to explore the great outdoors.


Top Ten Reasons to Go Camping This Fall


1. Rates- Many campgrounds slash their rates once summer is over and they have closed their extra activities in their park. However, some campgrounds maintain peak season rates for rentals such as cabins, etc. So get your pull-behind, or tent if its still warm enough, and hook up to some great savings.

2. Foliage- The leaves are changing color, which gives the parks an amber glow and beauty that you won’t see during the summer months.

3. Amenities- Want to feel like you have a private bathroom, shower, pool and more at a public park? You’ll get that feeling (or close to it) if you’re traveling in the fall. No lines, no feeling of being rushed, and plenty of hot water just for you.

4. Pool Time- Haven’t thought about swimming at your campground after summer is through? Many campgrounds have heated pools, and they are most likely to keep it nice and warm for you even well into October. Interested in some private pool time anyone?

5. Nature Walks- Fall is a great time in the parks for educational and fun walks to collect and explore. When the parks are not in their peak season, there are less cars and foot traffic to interrupt your nature walks. Collect, explore, and learn at ease.

6. Campfires- During the summer months not only is it sometimes too hot for that wonderful campfire, but it is also not unusual for fire restrictions due to drought. Fall is a perfect time for morning, afternoon, and evening campfires.

7. Beach- Heading to a campground near a beach? Autumn is a fantastic time to visit the beach. Less worries about sunburn and minimal beach-goers equates to worry-free time on the beach for your family. Play all you like without worrying about bothering anyone around you. Take a long walk and explore.  You can even at least still dip your toes in the water.

8. Town Exploration- The vacationers have mostly gone back home, your favorite town may even look a bit like a ghost town. This means it’s a perfect time for your family to try out local restaurants and other local happenings that just might not have been possible during the busy season.

9. Souvenir Bonanza- Summertime prices can be so…ridiculous! Especially when you know you are probably buying a trinket that your child will have no use for after summer and vacation is over. Closeout specials are not only for clothing, furniture, and other household goods at department stores – they’re for seasonal resorts like campgrounds!  Look for steep discounts on everything from logo embroidered items to snacks.

10. Fall Festivities- October is prime time for apple and pumpkin festivals, and the occasional ‘scare’ too! Go enjoy some local events and happenings (which you are sure to find in your local Macaroni Kid). And, after buying some pumpkins and some caramel apples, what better place to get a carvin’ and eatin’ than at your outdoor picnic table on your campsite. No worries of mess, and easy cleanup. All in a beautiful, autumn, camping setting.