Join the Local 2021 Lebanon County Holiday Guide

Calling All Small Businesses Both Rooted In and Serving Lebanon County

By Jennifer Michel November 2, 2021


In this day and age, more and more people are shopping Mom and Pop businesses and I want to help make the connection between your business and the amazing community here in Lebanon County. Macaroni Kid Lebanon County's 2021 Holiday Guide will run from November 8th -December 31st on the webpage, in newsletters, and on social media. 

Macaroni Kid is a local digital newsletter with 15,000 families subscribed to the newsletter, 8300 Facebook followers, and 1600 Instagram followers so there is tremendous reach to get the word out about your business. 

The 2021 Holiday Guide will be posted for two months and divided into the following categories:

  • Experience/Classes Gifts (Karate, Dance, Cooking, Ice Skating, Gyms, Craft Nights, Stables, etc.)
  • Health and Beauty Ideas (Soaps, Make-up, Balms, Herbs, Hair Salons, etc.)
  • Kids/Toys (Toy stores, Boutiques, Unique Crafts, etc.)
  • For Him/Her (Unique gifts, Spa GC, Hardware Stores, Breweries, Custom clothing, etc.)
  • Boutiques (Stores, Pop-ups, Online, etc.)
  • Home Decor/Crafting Items (Crafts, Decorations, Signs, Refinished Furniture, etc.)
  • Jewelry (Homemade or Family stores)
  • Unique (all others)
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates (all locally-owned restaurants can participate)
  • Entertainment and Holiday Party Planning (bakeries, places with space to rent, musicians, favor makers, caterers, etc.)
  • MLM (ie Mart Kay, Usborne, Tastefully Simpl, etc.) Limited to one per company FCF

There are three affordable tiers for all-size businesses starting at $35. 

Tier 1- 

Each business participating will have a spot under your category of choice. It will include a 1-2 sentence description and hyperlink directly to your page. Your business will also get 2 posts on Facebook, one in November and one in December. You will be responsible to send me the 1-2 sentence description and photos for the Social Media Posts. 

Tier 2- 

All the Tier 1 perks PLUS you will get a featured article in the weekly newsletter that is sent once a week and a link to the article for you to share on your advertising streams. You will be responsible for the article content. 

Tier 3-

All Tier 1 and 2 perks PLUS your business highlighted in the Publisher’s Pick pinned to the top of the Guide screen for one week. 


-article written for you using the information on your web page (Tier 2-3 only).

-product for review for 2 additional Facebook pages and a shout-out on my Black Friday “Favorite Things” article. 

In addition, you can sign up NOW for the 2022 business directory which runs all year for only $20.22 (a $65 value).

If you are interested please email me at

I look forward to working with all the families and businesses in Lebanon County. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great Fall! The holiday season is upon us.