From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Creations & Gifts with Glowforge Aura

Accessible, versatile, and innovative — Glowforge Aura has it all

By Melissa Basgall, publisher of Macaroni KID Downtown-South Kansas City, Kan. December 22, 2023

Greetings to all the crafty and creative souls out there, especially those of you juggling the delightful chaos of family life! Whether you're the designated creator for special school projects, a hobbyist eager to infuse your home with custom decor and gifts, a teacher seeking interactive learning tools, or even an aspiring entrepreneur embarking on a small business venture, it's not just about crafting. It's about simplifying your life and adding that personal touch that makes the every day more exciting.

Let me introduce you to Glowforge Aura™. This powerhouse isn't just another crafting tool; it's a total game-changer for those looking to add a personal touch to their lives with a high-tech and low-hassle option. Let's explore what Glowforge Aura can do!

The author received a Glowforge Aura for review purposes. All opinions and perspectives shared in this article are solely the author's own.

As a proud new owner of the innovative Glowforge Aura laser cutter and engraver, I've discovered a world of creative possibilities that have transformed my gift-giving experience and added an extra layer of personalization to the festivities this holiday season. Its precision and versatility allow me to turn ordinary materials into extraordinary creations, making the holiday season even more special.

With Glowforge's endless possibilities, I got creative with custom gifts for friends and family this year. From customized earring holders to keepsake baseball stands to wine charms and beyond, Glowforge Aura helped me bring custom gifts to life for so many on my list!

Personalized Gifts for My Daughter's 2nd Grade Class

One of the highlights of this season has been crafting personalized goodies for my daughter's 2nd-grade class. Using Glowforge Aura, I've created custom name bookmarks as classroom gifts, adding a touch of magic to the class party. The kids' eyes lit up as they received their special, one-of-a-kind gifts, made just for them.

Adding Whimsy with Gift Tags and Ornaments

Creative gift-giving extends to my holiday packaging, particularly for my nieces and nephews, who are now proud owners of whimsical, handcrafted ornaments. Glowforge Aura made it easy to engrave their names and include playful designs on each ornament, turning them into cherished keepsakes.

Ready to start making custom crafts to make your gift-giving even more personal?
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Cookie Decorating Setup for the Cousin Crew

The project that brought me the most joy this season using Glowforge Aura was the Cookie Decorating Club table for the cousin crew at our extended family holiday gathering. With 12 kids under the age of 7, this was a perfect opportunity to create something magical and fun using my amazing new machine. 

Using Proofgrade® Red and Green Acrylics along with Walnut Plywood, I created a cute "Cookie Decorating Club" sign. Then, using Proofgrade Iron-On material, I easily created custom goodie bags adorned with personalized gingerbread designs and each cousin's name. They loved it. 

Customizing this party took under an hour from start to finish, including the time Glowforge Aura took to cut, and the time it took me to iron on. It was so easy and such a magical result! Glowforge Aura's ability to work with various materials made this project a breeze, bringing smiles to the faces of the little ones.

Ready to start making custom crafts to make your gift-giving even more personal?
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New Year’s Eve Party Basket

As the New Year's Eve countdown begins, I’m prepared with a personal touch using Glowforge Aura. To create a memorable experience for my guests, I crafted a custom signature cocktail sign and stir sticks for a New Year's Eve celebration basket. 

With Glowforge Aura's precision and versatility, along with a template found in the Catalog, I designed and engraved an elegant acrylic sign showcasing the signature cocktail of the night. To complement the signage, I fashioned coordinating stir sticks. Glowforge Aura's ability to effortlessly transform ideas into tangible creations allowed me to elevate our upcoming New Year's Eve celebration, which is sure to set the stage for a night filled with joy and merriment and leave an impression that lasts well beyond 2024!

It doesn't matter how many kids you have, or whether you work in the office or manage your household full-time – life is busy. Glowforge Aura is for those who need the crafting and creative process to be as smooth and successful as possible, from setup to completion.

User-Friendly Interface – Because We Don't Have Time for Tech Hassles

Setting up Glowforge Aura is ten times easier than getting your kiddos ready for school, and it takes even less time! The user-friendly interface is a lifesaver for those who may not be tech wizards. Designed with ease of use in mind, you can navigate the software effortlessly and get straight to the fun part.

Cloud-Based Design Magic – Craft Anywhere, Anytime

Glowforge Aura operates anywhere, anytime! Whether designing in the carpool line or engraving at the kitchen table, Glowforge Aura operates through a cloud-based design Premium software, making it a breeze to create and customize projects from any device. This machine follows you wherever your busy life takes you, from neighborhood ladies' night to PTO working meetings and beyond – Glowforge Aura is your new partner.

Smart Autofocus and Material Detection

Taking the guesswork out with Glowforge Proofgrade materials, creating couldn't be simpler. The Glowforge Aura automatically adjusts settings based on the material you're using, saving time and ensuring perfect outcomes. Proofgrade materials are specially sourced and lab-tested to work perfectly with your Glowforge. The custom protective masking ensures sharp, clean prints, and the high-quality materials always ensure a premium finished product.

Glowforge Personal Filter™ Means Creation That’s Safe

Glowforge Personal Filter connects to your Glowforge Aura so you can create from any room in the house. It traps over 99.9% of particles, featuring dual HEPA-grade and activated carbon gas filters, all for maximum air purification. Cartridges are easily replaceable and last for up to 100 hours of printing. So no worries about keeping your environment safe for the family. The Glowforge Personal Filter takes care of that for you.

Ready to start making custom crafts to make your gift-giving even more personal?
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For me, Glowforge Aura has meant this holiday season has become a celebration of creativity and personalization. The ability to turn ordinary materials into extraordinary creations has not only made this holiday season special but has also opened up a world of possibilities for future crafting adventures for my entire family.

Glowforge Aura emerges as a clear leader in the vast scene of crafting machines. Accessible, versatile, and innovative — Glowforge Aura has it all. Whether you're a parent, teacher, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply a creative soul, this machine opens up a world of crafting possibilities for the modern maker. As you embark on your crafting journey with the Glowforge Aura, get ready to turn your ideas into tangible creations, making crafting more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

 Get your own Glowforge Aura now!

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