Playground of the week - - - Avon Playground

Each week I'm going to personally visit a local playground and give you the low down !

By Michelle Houtz - Macaroni KID Lebanon February 3, 2024

Today we visited the Avon Playground, just off 15th avenue in Lebanon.  The playground was really nice.  It's by a park, and there were tennis courts near by.  I even saw what looked to be a walking trail.   There was a pavillion with tables under it, in which you could have a picnic lunch if you wanted.  The playground consisted of some really fun stuff for kids.  It seemed to be a newer playground, and the kids there really seemed to be having a great time.  I know my grandkids sure enjoyed it!  There was a small rock climbing type board, and several big slides, swings, tunnels and more.  Plenty of stuff to entertain kids of all ages.  There were teenagers there even playing on the playground when we were there!