N.I.C.K. Services

The mission of N.I.C.K. Services is to bolster participant’s confidence and provide exposure and opportunities to explore nonacademic experiences. Our hope is that these children will identify and pursue new passions. N.I.C.K. allows doors to be opened for these kids at an early age, giving them opportunities to grow, learn about themselves, be a part of a team, and see all the possibilities they can be.

NICK Services has partnered with local organizations/businesses to offer dance & gymnastic, art programs, martial arts, horseback riding, and LEGO® Robotics classes. 

Since 2015, 100% of all money raised has gone toward the children of Lebanon County, thanks to our sponsors and donors. If you know of a Child that could benefit from being a N.I.C.K. Services Kid or for more information on becoming a sponsor. Please contact us at