Where to Pick Apples in Lebanon County

August 27, 2021

As summer turns to fall in Lebanon County, it's time to head to the orchard and pick some apples!

Apples are a favorite fruit of many Mini Macaronis and are one of the easiest fruits to pick and use. They are hearty, easy to distinguish good from bad, have a long shelf life, and can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

In our area, there are a few options to pick your own apples:

Gray's Apple Ridge Orchard, Greble Road, Jonestown - opening September 7, 2021

Honey Bear Orchards, Thompson Avenue, Lebanon - open now for picking apples and other season fruits. See hours and info on their Facebook page.

Sycamore Spring Orchard, Heilmandale Road, Jonestown - open now for picking. See hours on their Facebook page, and check out the corn maze while you're there!

Another great option if you'd like fresh apples, but don't have time to pick your own, is Seyfert Orchards in Lebanon.

Places to Pick Apples Beyond Lebanon County

Chester County

Quakertown to Doylestown 

Apple Picking Tips

  • Select firm, bruise-free apples. You can't really go by color as there are many different variations of apples that come in a wide variety of colors from yellow, to green, red, and even pink. But you can pick apples that are free of markings or discoloration.
  • Give it a twist. When picking apples directly from a tree be sure to give a little twist rather than pulling it straight off the branch. You don't want to risk pulling more than one apple from the tree, and by picking the apple with the stem, it will help it to last longer.
  • Don't throw. Instead, place your apples gently into your basket. This will keep the fruit from bruising and keep it from going stale.
  • Keep them cool. Storing your apples in the fridge or basement, away from windows and hot appliances, will help them stay fresh longer.
  • Wash before eating, but not any sooner. This will also help prevent the apples from going bad.
  • Know your apples. Apples come in many varieties. Some are better for baking, while others are best for snacking. Not sure which is which? Ask the farmer or another orchard worker. They will know best!
  • Bring your camera! Capture the moments, the memories, and the autumn colors. Plan ahead and take that picture for your holiday greeting card!

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